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Headquartered in Wuxi City of Jiangsu Province, KiyoBio Wuxi Co., Ltd. is a modern new hi-tech enterprise that integrates R & D, production and marketing of biotechnological products into one. Founded in September 2019, it is coinvested by Shenzhen Siyomicro Bio-tech Co.,Ltd. and Wuxia Jinghai Amino Acid Co., Ltd. 无锡晶海氨基酸股份有限公司 (

Powerful cooperation between the Institute of Microbiology, CAS/SIYO Bio-tech Joint Research Development Center of Bio-industry and the Jinghai Amino Acid produces giant advantages. Relying on such advantages, KiyoBio possesses the only commercially used microorganism genome database and entity library for extreme environments in China. In addition, four major biotechnology R & D platforms have been also established here, including a platform of microbial resources in an extreme environment, a platform of microbial resource screening, a platform of high-efficiency protein expression systems, and a platform of microbial metabolic engineering. Moreover, KiyoBio biological research center has an independent R & D building as large as 1,200 m2. This building is provided with an advanced testing center, a 100,000 grade strain workshop and a production workshop of pilot scale tests. As required by relevant research fields, corresponding instrument and equipment are also equipped here.

Thanks to a large-scale standardized production base that plays a leading role in China and also satisfies GMP criteria, KiyoBio has production capacity supporting the production of dozens of series amino acids. In addition to an annual output beyond 3,000 tons, they have also passed multiple international certification, such as ISO9001, ISO22000, KOSHER and HALAL. Dependent on cutting-edge bioengineering technology and a perfect quality management system, products successively launched by KiyoBio have been extensively applied in health care products, beauty industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and beverage industry, etc.. Such products consist of hyperstable heat-resistant superoxide dismutase (SOD) and high-quality ectoine, winning the unanimous recognition of all customers. In the future, KiyoBio will devote itself to becoming one of the top biotechnology companies in China through continuing efforts.

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